James Roque (PHI)

Boy Mestizo

Venue, Date & Time

Enmore Theatre

Fri 26th Apr 2019 - 7:00 pm

Sat 27th Apr 2019 - 7:00 pm

Sun 28th Apr 2019 - 6:00 pm

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$20.00 - $25.00

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Ages 15+
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Kiwi-Filipino comedian James Roque makes his Sydney solo debut with his new show Boy Mestizo.

Growing up in the Philippines – James was always told by his parents to not spend too much time in the sun because his skin would turn too dark. As a kid – he thought this was just a part of his life. As an adult – he’s realised how messed up that actually is. But why was it a thing in the first place?

 Boy Mestizo unpacks all the baggage of the social class systems James inherited in the Philippines as a kid that he checked into his flight to New Zealand all those years ago.

 A show about finding your self-worth by diving into your past – Mestizo will be a mix of funny anecdotes and observations from James’ life as a brown-skinned man in white New Zealand (where are you really from though?) and the history of Spanish colonisation in the Philippines. Mestizo looks for where those two stories intersect.

"The best show you'll see this year!" - Milkbar Mag (Melbourne)

"Roque's performance is impeccable" - The Spinoff (NZ)

"More than your typical stand-up show" - New Zealand Herald

From  Sam Brooks at The Spinoff (NZ):

"Maybe my favourite trend in this year’s comedy festival is seeing local comedians push the form, and themselves within that form, into riskier places. Nowhere is this more evident than James Roque’s show, a pretty much dead-down-the-centre-fifty-fifty split of comedy and theatre.

The bulk of Roque’s show deals with sex and his own relationship to it. He discusses, frankly and honestly, his approach to porn and how its affected him. The stand-up is solid, the jokes are solid, and he riffs winningly with the crowd. Roque’s performance is impeccable, I don’t think there’s someone in his generation of comedians who builds such an easy rapport with his audience so quickly, and he carries off the darker material in his set like a pro."

From Milkbar Mag (AU):

"Comedic genius James Roque (roh-key) graces Australian stages at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His brand new show Legal Alien explores his identity struggles and accepting his immigrant uniqueness.

Roque is a Filipino-born, New Zealand-raised immigrant, who pronounced his own Filipino last name wrong for seventeen years! With his parents very much Filipino, Roque struggled with finding his own voice and pathway throughout his younger years. His performance explores how things have changed for him since growing up, but 10% of the time, he still feels like a legal alien. Blessed with stage skills and a great sense of humour, Roque has discovered exactly what he is good at, despite his parents’ initial disapproval.

Very much a triple threat – comedian, writer and actor – there is no doubt that Roque is oozing with talent. He made his solo debut in 2013 at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and has been a successful performer ever since. Roque has made many New Zealand television appearances such as being a panelist on Three’s 7 Days and being featured on Three’s Jono and Ben.

"Legal Alien explores the stereotypes that come with being an immigrant. Roque’s anecdotes of trying to fit in are filled with hilarious gags that keep the audience in stitches. Roque is an entertainer like no other. His acting background and gift of the gab shine through his performance. Roque keeps his cool and engages with the audience throughout.

Legal Alien relates well to many Australians, as we are a country filled with many immigrants. Some comedians struggle to make racial jokes without being somewhat offensive; Roque glides through this and never takes it too far.  Legal Alien explores how being an immigrant has shaped Roque into the person that he is today.

If you’re checking out the Comedy Festival this year, be sure to add James Roque’s Legal Alien to your list of shows. It is one of the best you will see this year!"


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