Irene Nicola

Apocalypse Please

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Factory Theatre

Fri 15th May 2020 - 7:00pm

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$17.85 - $22.95

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Over 18s Only
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EVENT CANCELLED - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All Patrons will receive information from Ticketek regarding refunds.


No, really. It’s over. The planet’s not in a good way. Society is coming apart at the seams and no matter how much she recycles Irene can’t seem to stem the tide of Armageddon.

So join her for a laugh and a singalong as she sends off the world in a brand new comic cabaret.


Apocalypse Please (Irene Nicola at Sydney Fringe 2019)

Irene Nicola show(girl)s off her multi-talented cabaret skill set by beautifully entertain-ingly saving/last rites-ing the Earth – including while wearing a full beauty pageant outfit (as she points out), and showcasing lots of passionate facts (which she shares) about the mess humans are making of this rock. And that’s only a small part of her cabaret – and outfits – in “Apocalypse Please”. Song, comedy and evidence-based arguments against the climate deniers (and just when they were getting over Friday’s global protest strike)? That’s not playing fair. It is making a hot show though – maybe not so wise, with all the carbon-emissions/ enviro damage just to put on the show or use her smart phone; Her recycling efforts a drop in the rapidly warming ocean…. Nicola, whose sizzling “Revenge” scorched the festival circuit over the last year or so, had been trialing songs in her various guest star performances, and here brings them all together just in time for Earth, one way or the other. And in her sights are role models and rulers, starting with… Captain Planet (Millennial growing up times). And her forced diet. And those who are controlling the news (mostly old white guys), even if they cannot silence the evidence. Dancing, singing, fact-ulating, this is a passionate work in lots of ways. It’s also beautifully entertaining, presented with dazzle (her end of Earth’s final Autumn is a show stopper). Don’t forget (you won’t) wickedly funny songs with a message (sometimes) – apologising to those long gone about the mess, and an epic sing-along “Everything Is Hard”, with many lifetimes of events, as well as making improv. look easy by making up (literally, on the spot) several new verses from ‘what is hard?’ audience suggestions – Fringe Shows, Turtles, a certain biscuit you cannot eat, and some intimacy. “Apocalypse Please” is a much more than your average cabaret, and its heart and passion (with a big dash of rowsing) are as big as the range of entertainment “one woman in a pageant dress and heels” (among other outfits) delivers. The saddest part, in lots of ways, was that things had to end.
- Chuck Moore Reviews About

I saw APOCALYPSE PLEASE tonight: a wonderfully unpredictable script with the problems of apathy and urgency around climate change, approached from quite diverse views: the nuclear waste remover, the burlesque artist, the Miss Universe ‘end of the world’ contestant, the creative dancer, the satirist, the sceptic, the comedic lyricist, the singer and the pianist. Writer and performer Irene Nicola is an impressive triple-threat (her piano playing is a highlight of the show) who moves effortlessly from character to singer/pianist and back again.  
- Cathy Bray


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