Burger King Illuminati

1 hour lo-fi comedy || Royalty Free || Please Don't Steal (720p)

Venue, Date & Time

Factory Theatre

Sat 11th May 2019 - 9:30 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$15.00 - $20.00

Recommended For

Ages 15+
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1 hour of lo-fi hi-joke sketch comedy from BKI.

After sell out runs at Sydney Fringe, Adelaide Fringe* and MICF* Burger King Illuminati bring their Barry Award Winning** show '1 hour lo-fi comedy || Royalty Free || Please Don't Steal" to Sydney Comedy Festival for a last hurrah.

*we assume, we're writing this description in november 2018

**Again, we assume but it feels like a safe one


"mind-numbingly funny" - Bella Reda (Honi Soit)

"visibly nervous" - Bella Reda (the same review)

"This is one of those shows you don’t want to miss. I died and was reborn and then really really died. Of laughter, but like, also amazement" - Belinda Anderson-Hunt (Confetti Gun)

"clever, full of genuine talent and downright funny" - All Over Adelaide

Disclaimer: I am not Burger King Illuminati or associated with Burger King Illuminati in any way. I just noticed it wasn't here and thought I would put it up. Hope you enjoy :)



playlist includes:

1. intro sketch 0:00
2. pun sketch 1:34
3. sketch with a twist 1:54
4. laughter break 3:49
5. visual gag 6:36
6. stand-up 9:11
7. inside joke 10:29
8. mel brooks reference 13:01
9. sketch with a twist (instrumental) 16:10
10. $300 prop breaks 18:05
11. two jokes 20:47
12. brothers hi-five 23:02
13. one long air horn 24:06
14. pie to the face 45:16
15. men are different to women 45:17
16. a sketch about how a word has 2 meanings 47:03
17. Rap, but ironically 49:00
18. The Chair Sketch 51:15
19. Award Bait Emotional ending 54:16

(subject to change)


You can use these sketches in your videos but you MUST credit original artists, Bruno Dubosarsky, Jacob Henegan, Liam Scarratt and Daniel Scarratt (e.g. SKETCH CREDIT: Burger King Illuminati 2018)

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(No babies please)


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